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We are $24,515 Away from Reaching The 2019 Annual Fund Goal.

Let’s Step Ahead Together.

What if, because of poverty, you had to give up your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild to grow up in an institution.
It doesn’t have to happen.

You Can Step Ahead for Family Strengthening Now, and Invite Your Friends and Family to Help Too.

  •  First, think of friends and family that might join you to build up opportunities for At-Risk Thai Children.
  • Then, use email or social media as you wish to invite your friends to join.  See the easy ways to share on this site or CLICK HERE to get started! 
  • Finally, follow up, connect, and cheer for the movement you have created. And, remember to ask them to share now with their friends and family, too.

Thanks For Helping Strengthen At-Risk Families.
Let’s Step Ahead Together!

Nok's Story

Just when Nok was turning 18, she was surprised to find an unexpected gift she would receive that year.

She discovered she was pregnant.

Sadly, the baby’s father did not stay around very long after baby Lek was born.

But Nok was grateful for her own father’s support in her life, as he was happy for her to stay home and help work together to support the child. Nok’s grandfather, a fisherman, lives in a Sea Gypsy village and comes from a marginalized minority group in Southern Thailand.
Together they struggled hard to provide a life for themselves and baby Lek.

Gratefully, a local community leader referred Nok to Step Ahead’s Child Development Center (CDC) and the “Keeping Families Together” program in her village. She was interviewed and accepted into the programs.

The economic and educational developments for her family, plus mentoring and training in her community, meant Nok no longer considered the possibility of sending her child to an orphanage as an economic solution.

Indeed, now Lek is growing up in a secure family with the love and care of both mother and grandfather.

They don’t need an orphanage. Really.

Did you know there are over 500 so-called orphanages or children’s homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

And many more all across Thailand.

What if Philadelphia or Dallas, having similar populations to Chiang Mai, had more than 500 children’s homes?

Hard to imagine, right?!

Eighty years of research shows children develop best in a safe and nurturing family.

The KFT program was developed to help respond to the needs of Thai families to support their children at home. 80-90% of children who live in orphanages or so-called children’s homes have at least one living parent. There are various factors which result in children being placed in institutions, among them are poverty, family breakdown, disability and recruitment
or trafficking of children into institutions.

What if you faced losing your child or grandchild to an orphanage because of poverty. Unimaginable.

The unimaginable happens a lot in Thailand.

But it doesn’t have to happen.

Thank you for supporting Step Ahead and our core program “Keeping Families Together”.

Our Impact

The KFT program strengthens families through holistic development training, economic initiatives, educational opportunities, psychosocial support, and health access. This helps to keep children out of institutions and provide family-based care for vulnerable children.

In 2018 an independent researcher carried out a study of the impacts of Step Ahead’s Keeping Families Together program in Thailand. Here is a sampling of some of the 40 impacts:

83% of our KFT families stated that they were “extremely confident in their ability to keep their family together” compared to 50 % in the control group.

100% of our KFT families stated, “I am more confident in my positive parenting skills” compared to 60 % in the control group.

83 % of our KFT families “Feel more hopeful about the future” compared to 55 % in the control group.

75% of our KFT families are “saving money and decreasing debt or both” compared to 52 % of the control group.

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